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Bring a Venetian Gondola to Your Event
Authentic Venetian Water Taxi
at The Esplanade,
Marco Island, Florida
Displayed at the "Big Event" fundraiser on April 2011 at the Wheeler School, Seekonk, MA  
at Thornton-Donovan School, New Rochelle, NY  
Promotional advertising
for the A&E television series “Growing Up Gotti”
(shot in Silver City Cup Studios in New York in June 2005 by Richard Corman)
Promotional Advertisin
for Saks Fifth Avenue-2011 Spring Catalog
(shot in Brooklyn, NY
by Halley Resources)

The "Cynthia Jacob" is truly an authentic, hancrafted, Venetian gondola, which was constructed and shipped from Venice, Italy in the spring of 1997. It is elegantly adorned with hand-sculpted ornaments; over 250 feet of solid brass trim and features a wooden carving of the American flag. Over the years, this gondola has been meticulously maintained to standards, rarely found inside or outside of Venice.

The gondola is 36 feet in length and about 5 feet across at its’ widest point. It weighs approximately 1,400 pounds and is transported on its’ own custom trailer to your location. The “Cynthia Jacob” has been in operation in Providence, Rhode Island since September of 1997 and has also been brought to different locations throughout the United States for special events. We have traveled, but are not limited to, as far south as Marco Island, Florida, north to Boston, Massachusetts, and west to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

If you are planning an Italian festival, an Italian themed corporate party, would like to arrive in style and entertain your guests at your wedding, anniversary or birthday celebration or need a gondola for a photo shoot, film, commercial, restaurant, hotel lobby or parade we can bring the gondola right to your specific location.

EVENTS IN THE WATER: Our gondolier Marco, who was trained in Venice Italy, will row your guests in true authentic Venetian style. The gondola, which can seat up to 6 passengers, is powered exclusively by the gondolier, and his 14 foot oar. We will be happy to customize our services for your event, to meet your specific requirements.

EVENTS OUT OF THE WATER: You can have an authentic gondola and gondolier on location displayed for all to experience up close and personal. A gondola can be set up where guests of the event could have the opportunity to view the gondola and talk to the gondolier about the fascinating history and beauty of Venice and the gondola. By bringing a little piece of Venice to your event, you’ll be creating long lasting memories. Guests can also have the opportunity to have their photo taken on the gondola.


Each event is unique. Please contact us for more information at 508.984.8264


La Gondola has been featured in:

• The NBC television series “Providence”
(filmed on location in Providence, Rhode Island)
• Cardi’s Furnature television commercial
• Ciao Italia, PBS
• City Confidential, A&E
• New York Times
• Wall Street Journal
• Providence Journal
• AAA Travel Magazine
• Yankee Travel Magazine
• Bristol Rhode Island 4th of July Parade
• Italian-American Festival.
Cuyahoga, Falls, Ohio
• Norwich Italian Festival
Norwich, Connecticut
• Venetian Night, Westerly Yacht Club,
Westerly, • Rhode Island
• 50th Wedding Anniversary
Edgewood Yacht Club, Cranston, RI
• Marco Island Yacht Club
Marco Island, Florida



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